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Parish activity

Our parish is a part of Moscow Patriarchate Russian Orthodox Church - one of the 15 Autocephalous Orthodox Churches. We are included into Goose-Crystal deanery of Vladimirmetropolitanate of Vladimir diosence. We serve in Church-Slavonic language, which likes to Russian.

We serve all Orthodox divine services, all ceremonies and sacraments. The parish pays lots of attention for our population Orthodox upbringing, public relations, relations with the young and children. Parish has it's own "Orthodox Library".

On the other hand, our parish has unusual activity branches. According to Russian tradition, we research demography of our land population. Russian Orthodox parishes have always done it. We print our own newspaper "About expectation of miracle in Tikhonovo", have the spring in Svinoye Pole holre, propagandizing respect for nature.

Parish pays lots of attention for Rissian national traditions. We organize traditional festivals like New Year, Maslenitsa, the Spring Labour Day, the Victory Day.

We study our church and our region very attentively.